Zimmerman Music.


  1. Du vet det.
  2. Fremmede Land
  3. Snart Kommer Våren
  4. Ute Te Jul


Jarle Zimmerman is a musician from Bergen in Norway, known from the 70's group acts
"Flying Norwegians" and "El Regn". He is also known for hit-songs such as "Russerene
Kommer" (lit: "The Russians are coming!") and "Du står i veien" (lit: "You're standing
in the way.") which have been remixed by both Ugress and Kompani Bøe. The track "Lureri"
has been sampled by "Jonas V" in his performance "Helt Etter Planen".

Zimmerman is currently front-figure of the group act called "Zimmerman 60's" along with
various other Musicians from Bergen. He also still performs with "El Regn".

He is now working on a new studio-album which you can listen to here.


  • 1974: Flying Norwegians – New Day, LP
  • 1976: Flying Norwegians – Wounded Bird", LP
  • 1977: Flying Norwegians – Live, LP
  • 1979: Flying Norwegians – This Time Around, LP
  • 1981: Flying Norwegians – Du står i veien", LP
  • 1987: El-Regn – Hilsen El-Regn, EP
  • 1988: El-Regn – Naboen, Kassett
  • 1994: Flying Norwegians – Originals, 2-CD med New Day og Wounded Bird
  • 1996: Flying Norwegians – Still Riding, CD
  • 2002: El-Regn – Stein igjen, CD

  • 1982: Zimmerman - LP 4 (Solo album)
  • 2006: Zimmerman - Till You Know What I Mean (Solo Album)